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A water feature, big or small, will be the focal point and crown jewel of your outdoor oasis.

The sound of running water is not only peaceful, it creates instant ambiance and luxury in any design. Waterfalls, ponds and fountains can help create a serene sanctuary.


Pools and Spas

BR’s Landscape Construction works with the top swimming pool and spa installation companies to transform your backyard into an at-home getaway. We can coordinate the project with a company you have selected or make a recommendation with one of our partners – Hudson Pools and Spas, Highland Construction and Classic Pools. We provide assistance in considering everything from pool shape, depth, size and special features to create a unique layout that fits your lifestyle and compliments your property. 


With our hardscaping expertise, BR’s can incorporate custom elements with spa surrounds, seating ledges, sunbathing platforms, shady spaces and entertainment areas. We offer advice and tips to make the space around the water feature functional, safe and stunning.  

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